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SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And WINNER’s Hoony Wore The Same Outfit But Served Completely Different Vibes
They each made the jacket and pants combo their own.
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TXT’s Yeonjun Wasn’t Ready To Hear The Age Of The Youngest “&AUDITION – The Howling” Trainees
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The K-Pop Lightstick That Got Confiscated At An Airport For Looking Like A Real Weapon
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An NCT Fan Used An Apple As A Lightstick, And Doyoung’s Reaction Was Hilarious
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ITZY’s Yuna Chooses The BLACKPINK Member She Wants To Meet Most
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Stray Kids’ Changbin Didn’t Hesitate To Save Han From Falling
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DPR IAN’s Most Embarrassing Moment As A Former K-Pop Idol Will Make You Mad At How The Group Was Treated
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ITZY’s Lia Breaks Down In Tears When Seeing A Special Guest At Their Concert
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