TWICE’s Dahyun Was Tricked Into Saying Their Song Mentions INFINITE’s L

Jeongyeon couldn’t defend her.

TWICE‘s Dahyun and Jeongyeon guested on Jeong Hyeong Don‘s web series titled What Does That Mean!? to promote their new single, “Talk That Talk.” The video was centered around Jeong Hyeong Don deliberately misinterpreting and misunderstanding their song’s lyrics to frustrate the idols.

TWICE’s Dahyun (left) and Jeongyeon (center) with Jeong Hyeong Don (right) on What Does That Mean!? | 정형돈의 제목없음TV/YouTube 

Even more frustrating than the trolling was his insistence that he took the critique seriously!

The girls were bound to be flustered and make innocent mistakes due to his constant nagging.

One moment, they’re just casually reading through the lyrics.

Then, Jeong Hyeong Don catches them off guard by pretending he’s genuinely curious about the song.

Suddenly, he implies that TWICE was sending a signal to INFINITE‘s L! Dahyun was speechless. Coincidentally, L was discharged from the military just last August 2022.

She quickly tries to move on, but Jeong Hyeong Don mutters, “‘L’ from INFINITE is theLOVE,‘” and Dahyun accidentally confirms it!

They move on before she can defend herself properly. Jeongyeon even teases her and admits that she said yes.

Although Dahyun and Jeongyeon seemed stressed during the video, it must have been a pleasant reunion with Jeong Hyeong Don, whom they frequently visited as a group on Weekly Idol and Idol Room when he was the host. Plus, due to Dahyun and Jeongyeon’s persistence, they even convinced Jeong Hyeong Don that the reasoning behind some of the lyrics was rock solid.

Thankfully, Jeongyeon blocked Jeong Hyeong Don from any other trolling throughout the rest of the video. Read more below!

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Source: 정형돈의 제목없음TV/YouTube