This Produce 101 Contestant Debuted And Nobody Recognizes Him Because He Looks So Different

He changed his style so much it’s like he’s a completely new person.

Jang Dae Hyeon became famous in Season 2 of Produce 101 for his baby face, round glasses and smooth raps.


Everyone who watched the show will remember his hilarious reaction to a ghost prank where he fell off his chair in fright.


He was known for being a bit awkward.


Fans thought he might debut styled like 10cm, a Korean duo with similar looks.


But now he’s debuted and he looks so completely different that some fans didn’t even recognize him!

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He lost weight and changed his hair to become a bit more stylish, but it also seems as if his entire confidence changed.


Daehyeon debuted as a member of RAINZ who just released a second mini album called Shake You Up.


Watch them perform their comeback track “Turn it Up” here: