SEVENTEEN Played Buzzfeed’s “Who’s Who” And Almost Every Single Answer Was Mingyu

Here’s objective proof that Mingyu is THAT member.

SEVENTEEN stopped by Buzzfeed to play their very popular interview game “Who’s Who” on August 3, and it very quickly turned into “Mingyu Day” as Hoshi called it. So many of the questions catered to SEVENTEEN’s lovable lead rapper.


The first question Mingyu took was “Who’s the loudest member?” followed by the loudest yell Mingyu could muster. Joshua said it doesn’t matter what time of day or night, Mingyu only has one volume: loud.


Actor Mingyu also was picked for the very next question his group of 6 members got, which was “Who’s the most likely to win an Oscar?” The8 then gave him a word, “sad”, and made him act it out on the spot. (Who’s cutting onions in the rain in here?)

Mingyu tried his very very best to vote for Hoshi as “best dancer”, but… the rest of the members almost unanimously agreed that he was the best dancer of the 6. He and Hoshi then got up to show the camera their best grooves.


Mingyu was also picked as best cook and best looking member.

Out of the 8 questions his group got, he was picked for 5. He only lost out to The8, who is the most fashionable, Joshua, the tidiest, and Seungkwan, the funniest.