This questionable American school lunch sparks comparison with Korean school lunches

This American school served chicken nuggets on a hotdog bun and sparked a lively comparison of school lunches around the world.

A student from Pennsylvania’s Hempfield High School recently contacted Buzzfeed about a school lunch from hell. Though he did not partake in the $2.75 lunch, a friend did vouch for the taste.

This chicken nugget stuffed hotdog bun has had people questioning, once again, the health of the school lunch system in America. Source: Buzzfeed

While it may have tasted alright, there is a clear lack of nutrition in this meal that is being served to students.

Though American school lunches seemed to be lacking the seasoning, vegetable and fruit areas other countries stepped up to the plate showing off their culture’s version of a well-rounded school plate. Amongst the countries listed South Korea’s soup, veggie and of course, kimchi filled lunch showed as one of the appetizing and healthy options.

This yummy meal could get any kid to eat their vegetables. Source: Huffington Post

School lunches in South Korea always features multiple side dishes, healthy portion sizes, and plenty of vegetables. Though they often don’t come with a drink their overall appeal trumps the American nugget-dogs ten fold.

See more South Korean school lunches below.

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Source:  Buzzfeed  Huffington Post