New ‘Mulan’ Film Will Be Different From the Original and Twitter is Not Happy

From the casting to the storyline, people have a lot to say about this remake.

When Disney announced they were going to make a remake of their 1998 hit “Mulan” many people were excited. They couldn’t wait to see a live-action version of the butt-kicking heroine who saved all of China.

While some people were afraid that the cast would be white-washed, the casting of Crystal Liu, Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and Gong Li quickly put these fears to rest.


Unfortunately, Disney has decided to make some major changes to the storyline. This includes replacing the original villain with an evil witch, and fans are not happy.


In addition to the changes in characters, there is also a rumor that they decided not to include some of the songs that made the original “Mulan” so great.


Moreover, Asian-Americans seem to be excluded from the production and netizens took to Twitter to express their disappointment.


As the movie is expected for release in 2020, there is still a chance that Disney will consider some changes and include some of the things that people would like to see.

Source: NextShark