NCT Taeyong’s True Colors Exposed On Unaired Camera Footage

Taeyong proved his dedication as leader of NCT by giving the youngest member of his group his seat while he stood during the awards show.

At the recent 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards, NCT did not have enough chairs for all its members to be seated around the table. After their performance of “Limitless”, the members of NCT 127 returned to their seats to watch other artists’ performances.

Haechan returned several moments later than the rest of the group, and there were no extra seats. All of the members looked worried and seemed to search for solutions to this problem. Upon seeing this, Haechan offered to go and grab a seat elsewhere. However, leader Taeyong refused to have the maknae to do extra work and offered up his own seat.

Fans noticed that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Rosé were aware of NCT’s inconvenient situation and Lisa pulled out a chair for Taeyong at her table. When Taeyong noticed Lisa’s kind actions, he bowed in response to show his gratitude.

NCT 127 and BLACKPINK took home the male and female “Rookie of the Year” awards respectively from the awards show. Check out their awesome performances here!