M&M’s Parodies TWICE “Knock Knock” In Their Latest Advertisement

M&M’s chocolate in Korea used rookie group TWICE as inspiration when they made a post on Instagram that used the group’s Knock Knock concept to advertise their product.

Only two years into their career JYP‘s rookie group TWICE has gained a significant amount of popularity with their first album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1. TWICE has recently been breaking records and topping charts with their new song “Knock Knock” from their latest album entitled, TWICEcoaster: Lane 2.

M&M’s chocolate, inspired by the rookie group’s success, used the group’s album cover to create a new advertisement.

M&M’s new advertisement / Source: m&mskorea

Using the same color code of orange and yellow, the ad copied the look of TWICE’s new album with nine squares where each member would be. It appeared as if they replaced the TWICE members with M&Ms that had confused looks on their faces and the TWICE’s logo above with an “M” for M&Ms.

M&Ms referred to the rookie group with puns about how they were going to knock on our heart and make a debut.

TWICEcoaster: LANE 2 album cover