Backstreet Boys Reveals That They’re Huge Fans Of BTS Through A Special Shoutout

“We’re a huge fan of BTS! Massive!”

During a Q&A session with Backstreet Boys, a fan asked what they thought about BTS.

“@backstreetboys Can’t wait for you guys to perform at iheartawards!!! What do you think of @BTS_twt? They’ve been listening to your songs when they were growing up and admire you! #BSBVegas” — @romvnogers

And the Backstreet Boys responded that they’re “huge” fans of BTS!

“Just so you know, we’re huge fans of BTS! We love them!” — Nick Carter

They were even able to hear a special remix by BTS and Steve Aoki that hasn’t been dropped yet!

“Actually, Aoki played us one of their songs that hasn’t been released. It’s a remix that he did in the studio.” — Nick Carter

They even want to invite BTS to their resident show in Las Vegas!

“We actually want to invite the guys to our show in Vegas if you guys wanna come!” — Nick Carter

Fans are now stoked to hear that a legendary boy band is a big fan of BTS, who are also leaving their legendary mark in history!

Watch Backstreet Boys’ special shout out to BTS below: