Son of Chinese billionaire hires T-ara for birthday party performance

Chinese media is abuzz about Wang Sicong‘s 27th birthday party after photos were posted to Weibo of K-Pop girl group, T-ARA performing at the heir’s lavish celebratory bash.

The 27-year old booked a hotel in Sanya, Hainan for his party complete with a professional full-size performance stage, professional cameramen, and a gorgeous patio full of standing tables decorated with sophisticated centerpieces. Party favors were stacked on the tables including Macbook Pros, iPads, and iPhones. No expense was spared for the Wang’s birthday party, held on January 3rd.

Photos on Weibo depicted T-ARA performing on the stage with professional cameramen taping the entire performance and even capturing the audience reactions during the group’s performance.

Other released photos revealed that in addition to T-ARA’s appearance, other Chinese celebrities including star of Hurry Up, Brother Angelababy, were in attendance and seen taking selcas with party guests.

After the party, Wang updated his weibo with six Chinese Characters and a photo of T-ARA’s performance stating simply “With money, do as you will. Hehe ~

Wang Sicong is the only son of Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin who is currently the Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, one of the largest real estate developers in China and recently became the largest movie theater operator after their acquisition of AMC Entertainment Holdings in 2013.

Check out photos from the lavish party below!

Hotel where the party was held
Hotel where the party was held

The view and landscape from the party
The view and landscape from the party

t-ara birthday party
Photo: Wang Sicong’s Weibo Message + T-ARA performing on stage

Source: Liberty Times, Apple Daily, and Wang Sicong’s Weibo