Shinhwa celebrates upon “Sniper” MV reaching one million views

Upon the release of their latest music video, “Sniper,” Shinhwa celebrates obtaining one million views with fans as they uploaded group photos on their SNS accounts.

Shinhwa dropped their 12th album WE and music video “Sniper” on February 26th. A little over a week later, “Sniper” had officially achieved one million views on their new music video.

When combining the view count from “Sniper” from CJENMMUSIC and “SHINHWA OFFICIAL’s” Youtube channels, the total comes out to be over 1.4 million views. In celebration of obtaining 1 million views, Shinhwa shared some group photos on their SNS.

Shinhwa puts out a thumbs up in celebration in one photo and then shows a more laid back side as they strike some humorous poses. Additionally, Shinhwa writes, “Thank you for 1,000,000,” underneath their photos.

Shinhwa "Sniper" 1,000,000