SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon plans to tie the knot this year

On January 30th, SG Wannabe member Lee Seok Hoon revealed that he will be getting married later this year. 

In regards to his marriage plans, Lee Seok Hoon released the following statement to the public.

I think today is a very special day. I am going to say something that I’ve kept only in my mind for a very long time. Like I said in the last travel with fans, I would like to first tell all of you before anyone else. It was a very hard decision to make but I wanted to show all of you, who trust and depend on me, the real me. 

There is someone I’ve been dating for four years as of this year. She kept by my mother’s side while my mother was ill when I was in the army, and she stayed by my side when I sent my mother off to heaven. She kept me strong whenever I wanted to give up. I took her as my fiancee after my military service and we plan to get married within this year.

I am sorry to all the fans that I am only saying this now. I didn’t know when the perfect time would be and I was careful about revealing this as a singer and as a celebrity. It’s with shaking hands that I leave this long letter but I wish to be congratulated first by the fans. I promise that I will appear in front of all of you with better music and as a better person under the name of SG Wannabe.

2015 looks to be a big year for Lee Seok Hoon, as his group SG Wannabe recently signed an exclusive contract with CJ E&M and is preparing for a long-awaited comeback after four years of hiatus, exciting fans after previous speculations.

Congratulations to Lee Seok Hoon and his fiancee on their marriage plans!

Source: OSEN