Park Myung Soo to collaborate with top Billboard artist

Comedian and now DJ Park Myung Soo revealed he will be collaborating with a #1 Billboard artist on KBS Cool FM!

On January 4th, Park Myung Soo unveiled on his KBS Cool FM show that he will be collaborating with a top-ranked artist, whose name he chooses to keep anonymous. He shared a funny story about how this came to be with his listeners, revealing that he called the artist out of the blue and told him/her that he wants to collaborate.

Park Myung Soo explained, “I expected to be rejected but the artist contacted me back asking for information and stating that he/she would like to work with me.” He further revealed, “I didn’t expect the artist to say yes and now that it’s actually happening, I’m a little scared and feel pressured at the same time.

Park Myung Soo also stated that the collaboration is still a work-in-progress and more information will be revealed as soon as the song is chosen.

Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show airs on KBS Cool FM everyday at 11am KST. Stay tuned for more information about the collaboration!

Source: My Daily News