MBC reporter under fire after criticizing SISTAR’s Hyorin

An MBC reporter is receiving enormous backlash after he bashed Hyorin in a Facebook post, calling out the SISTAR leader for her excessive love for cats as well as her strong faith.

The reporter in question, Kim Sae Eui is not merely a reporter, but also chairman of the the MBC Labor Union.

Hyorin recently showed off her three cats in the last episode of I Live Alone. Kim took to Facebook to express his discontent in a post. He writes, “Even I, someone who likes animals and girl groups…I’m tired of SISTAR’s Hyorin who was recently on ‘I Live Alone.’ They chose the wrong concept for her. I’ve raised a cat myself but have a bit of loathing toward them…and seeing a woman who only praises [focuses on] the Lord and cats all day is tiring. Things should be done in moderation…moderation in faith…moderation in loving animals…I hope I don’t see Hyorin on MBC variety shows anymore.” 

This post was public which resulted in many shares and has been re-uploaded onto numerous online forums where fans and netizens quickly called into question his status as a public figure. His behavior is under major scrutiny as comments criticize him for posting such negative statements due to his personal bias and even going as far as calling him a “trash journalist” and asking for him to be more humble

MBC has stated that they did not know of the occurrence and are currently trying to grasp the situation before relating anything to the public.

Hyorin was recently confirmed to join the lineup for I Am a Singer 3Meanwhile, SISTAR is currently starring in the newest season of Mnet’s hit series Showtime which reveals the private lives of the hottest groups in K-Pop today.

Source: The Fact