Kim Tae Woo says he wants to raise his first daughter to be a musician on “Gan Gee”

Kim Tae Woo recently graced the cover of entertainment and fashion magazine Gan Gee, where he revealed to the staff that he would like his first daughter to become a musician as well.

Posing with a look of tenderness, Kim Tae Woo takes a monotone pictorial for the cover of the magazine, looking off to the side with his fashionable glasses on his faces, wearing a nice suit adorned with a bow tie, and his hairs flicked up.

In an interview with Gan Gee, the g.o.d member mentioned his first daughter Soyul’s musical abilities, revealing that she is becoming a proficient musician, being able to memorize bars well, at only four years old.

“A 4-year old has tears glistening when you put on sad music. It’s amazing. If the talent is there I want to raise her into a great musician. When you let her listen to a phrase, she memorizes it perfectly. The pitch is off a bit but the beat is on the dot. I think with music, you have to be born with it. If she has talent, I’ll raise her to be a musician. It’s the genre I know most about and I can support her the best at. I’m not just saying this, but when I go home after work and see the kids running up to me, my stress evaporates.”

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Woo’s full pictorial for Gan Gee is available in the February 2015 issue.

eSource: Newsen