Jonghyun’s fanclub named “GUILTY PLEASURE” loses their mind over title track name

K-Pop groups are known for their fanclubs, but often each individual member will have their own fanclubs as well. SHINee’s Jonghyun is no exception, with one of his most famous fanclubs being called, “Guilty Pleasure”.

It just so happens that Jonghyun’s title track for his upcoming mini-album is also “Guilty Pleasure”! While this is just a big coincidence, the fanclub owner has obviously shown some shock and excitement at the track being basically named after her fanclub!

The message reads, “Jonghyun’s first mini album title track ‘Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)’ is a medium tempo retro hip hop song that was effected by neo soul as well as punk. Guilty Pleasure….?”

Check out the tweet below, and stay tuned to more on Jonghyun’s new mini-album!