Japanese Pornstar Reportedly Debuting In K-Pop Girl Group Next Month

Mikami Yua was a J-Pop idol before she started filming porn movies. Now she’s trying her hand at becoming a K-Pop idol.

For the first time ever, a Japanese pornstar is planning to debut as a K-Pop singer in Korea.


Mikami Yua has been active in the adult entertainment industry since 2016.


She’s made headlines with a scandal back in 2014 involving a taken man while drinking underage.


She was also a member of the Japanese girl group SKE8 from 2009-2014 under the stage name Momona Kita.


When she was a member of SKE48, she was part of Team KII, Team E and Team S, so she has a lot of experience performing.


Yua has always been interested in K-pop, drawing keen attention from many Korean fans when she uploaded videos of herself covering K-Pop songs and dancing.


She has a reputation for being a good dancer and singer and is said to be very dedicated to making a Korean girl group debut.


According to the industry, Yua will debut in March but there are some mixed reactions about an ex-porn star debuting in K-Pop.


Source: Sports Chosun and Arama Japan