Girls’ Generation reveals stunning photoshoot for Casio Baby-G

More images from Girls’ Generation’s latest photoshoot for Casio’s Baby-G watches have finally been released!

Casio’s women’s watch brand Baby-G celebrates its 20th year, presenting photos of Girls’ Generation’s members showing off their watches.

In the images, the theme of Glam Baby-G, a sexy and glamorous style, can be seen through Girls’ Generation’s sexy poses and facial expressions while showing their professional sides. Each individual member points out her own unique attraction through the watches they wear.

A Baby-G staff mentioned, “Girls’ Generation led the shooting stage with their unique enthusiasm and energy, allowing us to have a very fun shoot despite its long hours. In fact, they already knew and studied the shooting concepts for the pictorials before the shoot even began. During the shoot, the members would regularly monitor their pictures to ensure a perfect performance. Their actions and enthusiasm amazed the staff.”

Baby-G will release its fourth collaboration watch with the group in mid-January. This product will have the signatures of Girls’ Generation members’ imprinted on the watch.

Source: Newsen