Entertainment expert reveals the truth behind recent idol club fight

On September 20th KST, My Daily revealed that the recent video of 24K members fighting in the club was actually a part of their new comeback music video trailer.

Director Kim Sung Kwang of Choeun Entertainment stated, “This video is a part of a music video that deals with violence in our society and raising awareness of such dark parts of our society. The filming was done early September at a club in Hongdae and we were editing the footage when a part of the video was leaked. The 24K’s members took a huge hit on their image because the video made it seem like the members were fighting. The members are ambassadors against violence and the video which was completely against their role as ambassadors became a huge issue. The video was set to be released at the end of September but now we are planning to rush the release and it is ready to be released very soon.”

Daeil, the member identified as the one in the video said, “I think I’ve heard enough criticism and swear words to last me a lifetime. 24K members are all nice hard working guys. We would like to thank the fans who were worried for us after watching the video and I came to realize how much people despised violence based on the responses towards the leaked video. We will take it all as love and interest in us and work harder.”

[+ 211, – 8] This is obviously noise marketing. The alleged leak was probably planned and on purpose.If you’re a musician compete with music. I can already tell they aren’t going to ever make it.

[+ 108, – 6] ㅋ Noise marketing..

[+ 83, – 5] A whole new level of media play.

[+ 89, – 16] They were criticized so hard because of that video and people started digging into their past and it turned out to be a trailer ㅋㅋㅋ


Source: My Daily