CJ E&M seeks to enter the Thai film market in collaboration with Transformation Films

Korean entertainment and media contents company CJ E&M is preparing to enter the Thai film market soon, revealing they will be partnering up with Thai production company, Transformation Films.

This was confirmed through a recent statement released by CJ E&M on January 26th, who revealed that the Korean company has signed on as an investor for Transformation Films upcoming film Cha-Lui: Touching the Sky. In addition, plans to create a Thai version of Miss Granny is also in development. These terms were discussed during the latest meeting between the two companies’  head on January 19th, held in Bangkok, Thailand.

They continued, “Through our investments, CJ E&M acquired distribution rights of the film in countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.” 

According to CJ E&M associates, the company is looking to introduce more Korean films in Thailand as it takes steps into the new market, before making considerations on producing Korean-Taiwanese films, an option discussed in their last meeting.

Transformation Films is a production company based in Thailand, and was co-founded by the country’s number 1 theater chain company Major, the number one telecommunication corporation True, and leading production studios Bangkok Film Studios and Matching Studios.

The leaders of both CJ E&M and Transformation Films met on January 19th in Bangkok, Thailand in order to discuss the terms regarding the film “Cha-Lui: Touching the Sky” and the development of the Korean film “Miss Granny.” In addition, the both sides discussed the possibility of cooperating together for a Korean-Thai film.

According to CJ E&M associates, CJ E&M is seeking to introduce Korean films to Thailand and take steps to enter into the market before beginning to consider cooperating to produce Korean-Thai films.

Source: MyDaily