10 Most Precious Moments Of Jonghyun, That Fans Will Never Forget

Jonghyun may be gone, but this legacy will last forever in fans’ hearts.

Following his tragic passing, fans recounted their favorite memories with Jonghyun. From touching moments to silly antics, Jonghyun was able to inspire fans all around the world with his bright personality.


1. When he communicated with his fans through his songs

2. When he couldn’t hold in his love for his family, so his other family comforted him


3. When he knew exactly how to comfort his fans


4. That time he became a mouth wash


5. When he pulled others out of the darkness


6. When he became a voice for the voiceless


7. That time he made sure all of his fans knew they were with him


8. When Jonghyun sobbed during SHINee’s 1st win


9. When he wanted to brighten up the concert hall with the love of his fans


10. When he broke barriers and just talked with his fans 

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing