7 Photos That Holds Significance If You Are A True EXO-L

Do you see it?

Every K-pop fans know how good it feels to find even a little detail that is related to your favorite artist unexpectedly. Sometimes that detail is so random, only a true fan can recognize the significance. Here are 8 photos that hold any meaning to EXO-L. Find out if you can see it!

1. Do EXO-Ls, this is not just a pumpkin. Doesn’t it remind you of someone?

It’s D.O.! Fans think the heart shape mouth is a dead-on match.

2. Can you find EXO relevance here?

How about here??

If you are an EXO-L, you would have noticed the EXO logo right away.

3. OK, it would be more obvious if you can read Korean but it’s simple enough to guess…

Well, the animation title Cars 2 was translated to 카2 in Korea, which can be read as Kai.

4. This one is easy. Do you see it?

You can see the green onions look like D.O. at the bottom!

5. These are freebie photos. The joy we feel when we see a cute puppy named after EXO members.

6. I would eat at Chen Jjamppong every day!

7. Final photo. Do you see why this photo of VIXX members has any significance to EXO fans?

The man wearing an orange jumpsuit in the background is EXO’s Sehun!!

Source: dispatch