10+ Moments Of BTS’s Jimin That Still Don’t Feel Real

We will never get over #4!

Whether these iconic moments of BTS‘s Jimin were sexy, adorable, or hilarious, we still can’t believe they actually happened! Check out 10+ of the best “unreal” moments that ARMY can’t get over below.

1. When Jimin fell and his bestie V felt the magnetic pull

2. When Jimin switched from his big smile to tearing up when ARMY sang along

3. When Jimin risked his life by scaring J-Hope

4. When Jimin’s “Perfect Man” fancam was released

5. When Jimin got on the treadmill at the same time as Jungkook

6. When Jimin called out his own height difference with RM

7. When Jimin put his butt right in Suga’s face without realizing it

8. When Jimin “found” a four-leaf clover

9. When he shows off his sexy body rolls IRL

10. When Jimin didn’t sugarcoat the truth

11. When teaser photos for Jimin’s Special Photofolio were released

12. When Jimin noticed a baby ARMY wearing a Chimmy hat

13. When Jimin sniffed V’s hair and did this