5 Grand Gestures of Love BTS’s Jungkook Did For ARMY

He shared his time and talents in the best possible ways!

BTS love ARMY without a doubt, and members have done their share of deeds to show their love for the fans. Jungkook has been vocal about how vital the fandom is to him as his source of strength and inspiration and backs this up with gestures to prove his affection. Here are five grand gestures Jungkook made to express his love for ARMY.

1. He composed and produced Magic Shop

Back in 2018, Jungkook composed and produced the song Magic Shop as a means of comfort for the ARMY when they needed it.

When ARMY are tired, emotionally exhausted, or having a rough time, they can draw a door within their hearts and come inside, and we are there.

— Jungkook

The song was well-received and loved by ARMYs and has even become the theme for the BTS Fifth Muster Concert in 2019.


2. He set aside weekly chat time for ARMY in Fancafe

Also, in 2018, Jungkook made time for ARMY by setting up a chatroom allowing fans to chat with him about any topic they wanted. This was quite a grand gesture, considering how busy BTS was that year. The chatroom even had a specific schedule for his 15-minute chats and went on for a few weeks.

Jungkook amped the fun level of this chat by using a math equation as a password to give fans who couldn’t understand Korean a chance to enter the chat room. It was in this chat that Jungkook shared a photo of himself and requested all those in the chatroom to change their profile pics and use this photo. Suffice it to say that hundreds of ARMYs had this photo as their profile picture during that time.

3. He composed “My You” and “Still With You” for Army

The pandemic did not stop Jungkook from showing how much ARMY weighed on his mind. In Suga‘s live radio show DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13, Jungkook shared that “Still With You” was a song he wrote for ARMY, released during the 2020 BTS Festa. The song expressed his yearning to be with ARMY again.

Another song for ARMY released during Festa this June was “My You.” The song was initially part of an activity Jungkook did during his 2021 online birthday live broadcast, wherein he allowed fans to contribute by sending him messages before the broadcast earlier in the day, of which a few were selected to make up the lyrics of a song he composed real-time during the broadcast.  Much to ARMY’s delight, he shared the finished piece a year later.


4. He held a Two and a Half Hour Online “Concert” on his 24th Birthday

Jungkook spent his 24th birthday with ARMY over an online live broadcast that kicked off with a real-time session of how he put together a song using ARMY’s messages sent to him earlier in the day, moving on to an impromptu concert of songs requested by the fans. It was a broadcast that ran for more than two hours, showing a tired but happy Jungkook gamely performing for ARMY.

5. He had ARMY tattooed on his knuckles

What could be a grander gesture than having ARMY tattooed on his skin permanently? Jungkook first revealed his tattoos in 2019, when fans saw his freshly-tattooed right hand and shared photos of it on social media. Back then, there were speculations on whether the tattoos on his hand were temporary. But as the rest of his tattoos were later revealed, ARMYs concluded that the ARMY tattoo and the other letters and symbols on his hand were permanent. His tattoos have since become a key point of interest in his photos.

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