10+ Times TWICE Showed Off Their Ethereal Beauty

TWICE’s beauty is too magical for this world.

1. Celestial Mina shines brighter than any star in the galaxy.


2. Jeongyeon is the garden’s prettiest flower.


3. Sana transforms into a water goddess in the rain.


4. Momo dazzles mortals with her heavenly smile.


5.  Tzuyu‘s beauty is always in full bloom.


6. Chaeyoung‘s delicate visuals sparkle on stage.


7. Dahyun is too beautiful for this world, or any world!


8. Jihyo looks a fairytale princess in her flower crown.


9. Nayeon could be mistaken for an elf, due to her delicate, pixie features.


10. Sana is the most beautiful princess in her kingdom!


11. Mina’s bright smile is sunlight on a rainy day.


12. Chaeyoung could be the goddess of Spring.


13. Nayeon proves that fairies do exist.


14. Pink-haired Jeongyeon brings anime fantasies to life.


15. Mina is sweeter than any rose.


17. Jihyo is a stunning, living doll.