Two Japanese Volleyball Players Kiss In The Middle Of Their Game

In an act that was either the ultimate display of fan service or the best display of sportsmanship ever, two male Japanese volleyball players kissed each other during their game.

This video of two opposing Japanese men’s volleyball teams getting into a fight and kissing to make up has been garnering a lot of attention.

Two Japanese volleyball teams, Toyoda and Sun Yamagata, faced each other in a tense all-star game that left their team members Takuya Takamatsu and Yu Yamamoto (respectively) at each other’s throats. The two began arguing whose team was responsible for the foul and Takamatsu began to yell and push the other team’s Yamamoto.

The two argued for several seconds before ending the fight with a tender peck on the lips. The little kiss immediately broke the tension and Takamatsu returned to his side to continue the game.

After the game, Takamatsu declared that he “loved Yamamoto like a little brother.” The cute moment was received positively by fans, and they called it the “best sportsmanship ever.”

Check out the surprising incident below:

Source: Dispatch