Red Velvet members are manufactured dolls in “Dumb Dumb” video teaser

Red Velvet drops their first video teaser for their title track “Dumb Dumb” on September 4th, giving fans listen into this addicting sounding song.

Continuing to release their teasers through their official Instagram account (redvelvet.smtown) as they delete and add posts, the members of Red Velvet are seen in a manufacturing factory as three of them are transported via the belt. One is seated at one of the machine posts and another (Yeri)jumps out of her box.

THE RED will be the group’s first studio album release since their debut in August 2014 featuring the title track “Dumb Dumb,” “Huff N Puff,” “Campfire,” “Red Dress,” “Oh Boy,” “Lady’s Room,” “Time Slip,” “Don’t U Wait No More,” “Day 1,” and “Cool World.”

It will be released on September 9th.

Red Velvet's Official Instagram
Red Velvet’s Official Instagram