NO.MERCY’s #gun sends a video message to WINNER’s Mino

NO.MERCY trainee #gun sent an adorable video message to his cousin, WINNER’s Song Mino.

On January 7th, Mnet’s popular show NO.MERCY aired its fifth episode. The trainees finished their second mission stage and began on the third week’s mission.

The third week’s mission brings five trainees with other five trainees to perform a collaboration in an effort to show off their talents in a vocal focused song and a stage performance focused song.

During a discussion between the trainees, #gun suggested,”I would prefer for our performance to feel like ‘Empty’,” making the trainees respond in saying,”Are you trying to advertise for your cousin?” It was revealed in earlier episodes that the two rappers are indeed cousins with Mino being the older one.

Laughter broke out as #gun suddenly performed a video message to Mino asking,”Mino, are you doing alright? I thought we would be doing an interview together at least. I guess you are just very busy these days.”

The NO.MERCY trainees will continue to battle it out on the elimination show to become the next Starship Entertainment group.

Source: TV Report