Nicole is smoking hot in red and black for “Esquire”

On January 8th, Nicole Jung shared a series of photos from her photoshoot with Esquire as she took a sexy alluring image with her revealing outfits and seductive expressions.

The singer took a black and red theme for this set, showcasing her S-line body and captivating expressions.

The set begins with a moody black and white photo, revealing her voluptuous curves with a revealing black sweater, Her ruffled hair and bangs cover her eyes, leaving a mysterious feeling. In the following shot, she poses in a mesh black long-sleeved shirt, her shoulders offset in a powerful stance. A more artistic photo is a close up as Nicole is hidden behind a red veil. Finally, she once again reveals her signature 11-character abs and slim legs in a closing monochromatic image.

Meanwhile, the star recently confessed to taking medicine during times of excessive stress. She has also posed for The Celebrity and Singles magazines.

Check out her photos here:

Source: iMagazine Korea