Netizens Disappointed After Rumors Spread Regarding Kim Go Eun’s Casting In New K-Drama

While netizens were relieved to hear that AOA’s Seolhyun would not be playing the female lead for upcoming drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, new casting rumors have not satisfied them either. 

Although Kim Go Eun has garnered much praise for her acting in the past, netizens were upset after hearing rumors that she had been offered the lead role in the upcoming drama and would be playing opposite fan favorites Park Bo Gum and BTOB‘s Sungjae. In addition to criticizing her acting in similar roles in the past, some netizens went as far to criticize her visuals, claiming that she is not beautiful enough to act opposite Park Bo Gum.

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[ +7287 / -400] Kim Goeun’s acting in ancient Korean drama…. It’s terrible

[ +7570 / -781] Aren’t there any pretty or cute actresses that can act

[ +5722 / -365] This is disappointing T_T

Source: Ilgan Sports