“Miss Granny” reveals adorable stills ft. Luhan and Yang Zishan

On January 5th, upcoming movie Miss Granny revealed various stills from the set, showing the heartwarming scenes that fans can look forward to.

Starring Luhan and Yang Zishan, the movie revolves around a relationship that buds between the two. However, Yang Zishan plays a 70 year old lady who magically turned 20 years old again.

In the stills, fans can get a glimpse at the cheer they can expect from the movie. The four photos show various scenes from the movie. In one, Yang Zishan cheerfully spreads a blanket down. Next, Luhan races away on his bike while dressed in a stylish red plaid button-up and striped beanie. In the following image, a tense dinner atmosphere is created by the stars’ facial expressions at the table. Finally, the youthful actress is pictured happily dancing with older women.

Miss Granny hits theaters in China on January 8th.

Check out the fun stills here: