Kwon Sang Woo introduces his daughter on latest Weibo update

Actor Kwon Sang Woo proudly introduces his baby daughter through his latest updates on Weibo. 

Following news of the birth of his second child with Son Tae Young were published on January 10th, Kwon Sang Woo shared personal photos with his baby daughter through his personal Weibo account.

The actor shared two photos of him holding his daughter’s hand which came with a message saying, “Nice to meet you, my daughter Ri Ho whom I love. Thank you very very much for being born healthily. Thanks Tae Young-ah. Thank you for everything.”

Son Tae Young gave birth to a baby girl at 1:30 AM KST of January 10th with the baby weighing 2.58 kilograms. Ri Ho will be the second sibling in the family following their eldest son Rook Hee aged seven.

Source: Dispatch and Kwon Sang Woo’s Weibo