Kim Woo Bin spiffies up as a new model for menswear brand Sieg Fahrenheit

Model-actor Kim Woo Bin is suiting up as Seig Fehrenheit’s newest model alongside its currently standing model, 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon.

South Korean menswear brand Sieg Fahrenheit announced on January 27th that Kim Woo Bin has become the newest face of their clothing brand along with Ok Taecyeon, their current campaign model.

Creative director Jung Doo Young of Sieg Fahrenheit stated that with both Kim Woo Bin and Ok Taecyeon as models for the new upcoming season, a more diverse, variety-filled, and newly-attempted trend will begin.

Director Jung also stated that the model-actor was chosen on behalf of the brand’s image due to his sky-rocketing fame that has soared even higher after the recent release of his movie Criminal Designer. Kim Woo Bin was also chosen as the new model as he was originally a fashion model before debuting as an actor, giving him a rather chameleon-like charm and skill in which he can blend into any outfit and style easily.

We are very honored and excited to be working with a star like Kim Woo Bin who earns love from all men, women, children, and elders,” director Jung stated, “We ask that you look out for, anticipate, and support the new 2015 S/S season brand that both Kim Woo Bin and Ok Taecyeon will be representing.

Source: E Today