K-Tigers member shares gayageum cover of Sunmi’s “Full Moon”

K-Tigers’ Cho Minyoung revealed her gayageum cover of Sunmi’s hit track, “Full Moon.”

Taekwondo dance cover group K-Tigers are known for their charismatic and well-choreographed dance covers to many hit K-pop songs. The group of dancers covered a mass number of famous songs by the likes of BTS and miss A while putting their own spin on it.

Getting down to a more basic style, K-Tigers’ member, Cho Minyoung, revealed a short cover she made of Sunmi’s “Full Moon” while also playing the traditional Korean gayageum instrument.

Minyoung displays her sweet voice while also deftly plucking the strings of the gayageum, proving that K-Tigers’ talents go beyond dancing.

Check out the cover below: