Happy birthday to Woollim Entertainment’s CEO Lee Jung Yeop and Kang Hye Jung!

A very happy birthday to Woollim Entertainment‘s CEO Lee Jung Yeop, as well as Haru‘s mom Kang Hye Jung!

Both of the birthday stars share the same birthday on January 4th, where Kang Hye Jung turns 33, while Lee Jung Yeop’s age is not revealed.

While it is rather rare to have such a big supportive group of fans for an entertainment company’s CEO, fans of the artists of Woollim Entertainment and Lee Jung Yeop celebrated the joyful occasion, trending #HappyPapaWoollimDay worldwide at #2!

Artists who are under Woollim Entertainment include Nell, INFINITE, Tasty, and recently-debuted rookie girlgroup Lovelyz.

While Lee Jung Yeop shows his utmost care and concern for his artists by following them around their schedules, even their world tour concerts, he is also a unique character, who appeared in INFINITE H‘s “Special Girl” music video as a janitor!

Not forgetting, it is also the birthday of the mom of hot child icon Haru Lee! To celebrate this day, Epik High‘s Tablo dedicated a special post on his personal Instagram for his lovely wife.

The actress, Kang Hye Jung, recently made an appearance on Running Man‘s Christmas special, gaining attention for her kind character while helping veteran actress Kim Hye Ja in the show.

Kang Hye Jung also acted alongside actress Gong Hyo Jin as lead roles in the recent play Educating Rita.