Han Ye Seul reveals her thoughts about marriage with Teddy

Han Ye Seul discusses her boyfriend Teddy, YG Entertainment‘s producer, during her interview with World Daily News. Her thoughts on their potential marriage were mentioned.During her interview with World Daily News, Han Ye Seul commented, “I do have positive thoughts about marrying Teddy, but, I would prefer to take it slow for now.

When Han Ye Seul was asked about the 2014 SBS Awards, she mentioned the story behind her award acceptance speech. She mentioned, If I were to receive an award that night, I wanted to let Teddy know I loved him. For a year end gift to him, I really wanted to say to him ‘I would like to have a happy new year of 2015’.

Han Ye Seul continued to comment, “I love him, so I do have thoughts about our marriage, but again, I do not want to hurry to any conclusions. I’d just like to enjoy the great feelings and environment we have right now and take it slow. I always think about him, and like wise, he thinks about me as well. The song ‘R.O.D’ (ride or die) was made by Teddy in his thoughts about me.

They officially began dating in May 2013, while they first met each other earlier in 2013.

Source: Central Daily News