Clara in danger of facing additional lawsuits by multiple companies

Due to the recent lawsuits that Clara and Polaris Entertainment are involved in, the actress may be in danger of facing an additional number of lawsuits from companies she was modeling for.

On January 27th, media outlet Donga News exclusively revealed that Clara is currently undergoing heat from all the companies that have selected her as the face of their products.

According to several industry officials, a number of these companies are preparing to press a “Compensation of Damages” lawsuit against the actress. Their claim is that due to the recent legal disputes Clara is involved in, the marketing and image of the products she advertised for are facing too much negative publicity. Other companies are even claiming that it is impossible to use Clara for their advertisement campaigns.

An anonymous source told Donga News, “We just signed a contract with Clara last December to be our advertisement model. However, the company is in an uproar after what happened just one month after the contract was signed. We are vigorously discussing this problem internally and have stopped using Clara for our advertisements. We are discussing nullification of the contract as well as compensation.”

Another industry source stated, “We are taking and discussing matters with our internal legal team, but we plan to take action after watching the outcome of the current dispute [between Clara and Polaris] at hand.”

Meanwhile, Clara and Polaris Entertainment still remain at their legal disputes over contract nullification and sexual harassment allegations from the Kakao Talk messages exchanged between the actress and the agency’s CEO.

Source: Sports Donga