Boys Republic releases video from “Black and White Story Party”

On February 27th, Universal Music male group Boys Republic released a video from their Black and White Story Party event, featuring members Sung Jun and Minsu

The event, which was held at a small club, included a powerful and energetic performance by Sung Jun and Minsu, who were accompanied by their mentor JQ. The collaboration performance proved to be a hit among the fans, who screamed out of excitement incessantly.

Despite the venue seeming rather small, the cheers were loud and the energy was very lively. As a reward to their dedicated fans who attended the event, the three rappers even stepped off the stage and into the crowd toward the end of their performance.

The three artists followed up with an interview backstage, expressing their excitement and appreciation of the crowd’s energy. Make sure to check out the energetic performance from JQ and Boy’s Republic members Sung Jun and Minsu below: